I'm an artist/animator by trade for sure yes, but I actually didn't start drawing formally until spring of 2016 on a very shody phone app I don't remember the name of. Because of this (and using the same tumblr account for almost 10 years) I currently have an immaculate archive of all my art I've done since then.

However, I'm looking to move my art gallery off of tumblr as like most social media these days I don't feel like I can reliably use it as an archive anymore. So now I'm in the process of transfering all* my art to being compiled in galleries here! And hopefully eventually be able to keep up with uploading my art here as well.

I have to separate ways of displaying the galleries as of right now; by year and by project (project links will also be able to be found through the project pages as well) but this is subject to change if I end up finding a better way to sort these.

*the pieces I want to save most

Art Galleries by Year

Art Galleries by Project