Current Projects

Unnamed Magical Girl Dragon Story

This is the current story that I'm putting a lot of my energy into the story is largely inspiried by the magical girl genre with a unique twist! A metaphor for self expression and being yourself in a way which society deems abhorent and weird. This story will focus on a group of late middleschool girls and their older mentor as they fight off an evil force not of this realm.


Dragon of Sparks

Nadia is a young girl from the american suburbs, having been homeschooled the majority of her life up until now she's incredibly excited to be around other people and make new friends. She has trouble with boundaries and tends to latch onto people she likes and has trouble telling a lot of social cues. Nadia's favorite past time is reading specifically fantasy though she has some gripes with the genre. Bubbly and always optimistic Nadia's life is completely changed when she comes across a Soul Shard, a magical crystal that allows the user to transform into a manifestation of their soul in the form of a dragon, now she must learn how to manage both middle school and her new life as a heroine.


Dragon of Thunder

Kumiko is an older woman who is very involved with her daughter's activities and the school in the town they live in. She seems like a fairly normal person on the outside if a bit hot headed. But this couldn't be further from the truth as Kumiko is one of the legendary warriors who can wield a Soul Shard and become a dragon magical girl. She's had this ability since she was around her daughter Gin's current age(14) and only rarely fights anymore. That was until Nadia managed to get her hands on one of the shards at least now she's begrudgingly mentoring her and her team into the best fighters they can be. She often acts as another mother figure to the girls as well and attempts to help them out with their issues both magical and not.


Dragon of Seafoam

Akili is a studious girl at the top of her class and is popular with many other kids. Despite this however she struggles to voice her opinions and speak her mind often letting others speak for her. In a way she often feels like no one actually knows her and she barely knows herself. Which is why she feels completely unsuited to be a magical warrior when gifted the Soul Shard from Nadia. Despite this she is trying her best to open up and be a vocal part of the team and maybe discover new things about herself in the process. Armed with the patience of a saint and her tolerance to practically anything life throws at her Akili is ready to do her absolute best.


Dragon of Autumn

Penny is a shy and introverted kid often keeping to herself and not having many friends. She much prefers to make up her own worlds and characters in her head and both draws and writes almost constantly. The one friend she does have however is Nadia who she's known since they were little. Penny despite her meek appearance was Nadia's first pick for a partner and despite her initial apprihension and fear is slowly learning to interact with other people and become friends with her teammates. Penny's best attributes as her creativity and willingness to learn she's endlessly facinated by niche topics and will spend hours studying them.


Dragon of Frost


Magic Pigeon


Nextholders is my largest story as well as the one I've had the longest. It is a pokemon special nextgen/fankid au and features a lot of the characters from the spe universe. I list it here because it's my most expansive project as well as it is almost completely divorced from the source material you have to squint to recognize certain elements. You can find the blog I've made for nextholders here!


Name:Padparadscha Sapphire Birch
Pronouns: He/She/They
Title: The Gardener
Parents: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald(stepfather)
Siblings: Topaz, Amethyst, and Bismuth(stepbrother)

Padparadscha is a the mellow and relaxed oldest child of Ruby and Sapphire, gifted with a green thumb Pad spends the majority of their time in in their greenhouse tending to his plants. A complete departure from her parents Pad is incredibly slow in most aspects of life and is an over all easy going person. Pad is afflicted by a "curse" which makes him prone to violent freakouts spurred on by thunderstorms or extreme harsh sunlight. His parents speculate that this is due to them having had contact with the red and blue orbs before he was born.


Name: Opal Cynthia Berlitz
Pronouns: She/Her
Title: The Helper
Parents: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Siblings: Azurite and Malachite


Name: Topaz Birch
Pronouns: He/Him
Title: The Astronomer
Parents: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald(stepfather)
Siblings: Padparadscha, Amethyst, Bismuth(stepbrother)


Name: Azurite Berlitz
Pronouns: He/They
Title: The ???
Parents: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Siblings: Opal and Malachite


Name:Amethyst Birch
Pronouns: She/Her
Title: The Taxidermist
Parents: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald(stepfather)
Siblings: Padparadscha, Topaz, Bismuth(stepbrother)


Name: Malachite Johanna Berlitz
Pronouns: She/Her
Title: The Revealer
Parents: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Siblings: Opal and Azurite