First Arc

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Second Arc

Third Arc

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World Building

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Basic Summary

A sort of super powered human society in which upon reaching a certain age (usually between 12-16) people have the potential to gain a special ability. These abilities are influenced by personality NOT genetics, though sometimes family members may have similar abilities due to them picking up traits from one another.

These abilities can fall into for categories inspired by the four temperaments; sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic.

Humor Classifications

  • Natural: covers any kind of ability that makes the user like another living creature (usually animal or plant) represents the sanguine temperament and has pink/purple blood.
  • Elemental: any form of manipulation or use of non living material (stone, water, fire) represents the choleric temperament and has yellow blood.
  • Cerebral: abilities involving the mind (illusions, dream walking, mind control) represents the phlegmatic temperament and has blue blood.
  • Spatial/Temporal: Usually considered the most dangerous class being able to warp the universe around them (teleportation, time travel, seeing the future) represents the melancholic temperament and has black blood.