NAME : Thyla Ezani
AGE : 14
GENDER : Trans Man (he/him)
SEXUALITY : Heterosexual
ABILITY : Sanguine-thylacosmilus traits
HEIGHT : 5'5''
BIRTHDAY : September 15th, 2018

Unfortunately plagued by a great deal of social and generalized anxiety for as long as he can remember. Thyla's life has been marked by a substantial amount of stress and fear.

That's not to say he's entirely negative, he's especially passionate about his interests which mostly consist of astronomy and astrophysics. He generally finds night time to be more safe and comforting for him and that spills into his love of space.

It's hard to get him to interact with other people and even harder to get to know him in any capacity that would resemble a friend. Despite this if you do manage to earn his trust it is almost impossible to loose.

Thyla is content being this way, sure he wishes he was a little less paranoid sometimes but over all he's ok being a relative social outcast.


Born the second child of Razor and Shimmer, Thyla has always had a hidden passion for athletics and the sport of pro battling. Looking at his outwardly shy demeanor though you certainly wouldn't suspect it.

His ability began to manifest from this desire, only a few years ago and he attempted to keep it hidden due to not wanting to be smothered by his mother for it.

His parents did eventually find out of course, as you can only hide a change this major for so long. Even though things were a little rocky at first they seem to be getting better.

Currently he's primarily a home body not wanting to leave due to his severe social anxiety but he's trying to push himself more and more.


Thyla's mother and probably the person he has the most difficult relationship with. Razor has always been a strong believer in the idea that exposure is the best way to treat any kind of fear which has her forcing Thyla into a lot of situations that make him panic. Despite this they still love each other immensely.

Shimmer and Thyla have a similar relationship to the one he has with Razor but to a bit less of an extreme. He attempts to get Thyla to come to social gatherings with him but tries not to force him as much as Razor does. Despite this Thyla still feels overwhelmed by his attempts.

Being one of the main people effected by young Padparadscha's emerging ability Thyla has a hard time relaxin around his older sibling a lot of the time. However they've been trying to rebuild their relationship over the past few years.

Arguably worse than his relationship with Pad Necroma has been a menace to Thyla's existence since she was born. Always picking on and teasing her older brother Thyla tries to spend as little time in the same space as her as he can, even if he knows she's not actively malicious.

Kind of like a secondary father/weird uncle figure, Hitch has always been the main person Thyla feels like he can really confide in considering he's know both of Thyla's parents for the upward of two decades now.

Being Hitch's recently adopted son Thyla finds himself spending quite a lot of time around Beacon. It's still a little early on to know whether or not the two will be close but Thyla has been letting his guard around him more than his family.

A crush? Maybe, all that Thyla knows is that he has a deep admiration for Dawn as a person. She's outgoing, social, and can seemingly handle other people's perceptions of her with grace. He wishes he was more like her if only because it would make his parents stop worrying about him so much.


Ability Notes

  • Despite what a lot of people initially believed Thyla's ability makes him more similar to a thylacosmilus (a marsupial which convergently evolved these traits) than a saber toothed tiger.
  • Is more a scavenger than a predator because of this and can eat raw somewhat old meat.
  • he strangly can purr which is suspected to have been passed down from his mother.

General Notes

  • Has had a fascination with space his whole life and enjoys being alone at night.
  • He tends to thump his foot both when anxious and as a stim sometimes it's hard to know which one it is.