NAME : Hitch
AGE : 44
GENDER : Nonbinary (they/he/she)
SEXUALITY : Pansexual
HEIGHT : 4'1''
BIRTHDAY : October 23rd, 1990

A seemingly relaxed and chill kind of person, Hitch tends to give off an almost smug air that they have everything under control. However it doesn't take much to completely shatter this initial facade.

It's easy to set them off and then can be pretty agreesive at the drop of a hat if they think you're disrespecting them in any way shape or form. Despite this initial aggression it doesn't take much to disarm them.

The defensive sort of disposition goes hand in hand with his artillery collection as they feel the need to be constantly alert for any sort of danger be it physical or emotional.

It takes a good while to earn any form of trust from them but once earned they will not leave you alone.


Hitch has been put through the wringer so to speak, after being neglected by their birth family they were adopted by a lesser known goddess who took the physical form a xolo dog.

Quickly becoming a skilled marksman Hitch decided to engage in battles with his makeshift weaponry and in their late teens they met Razor, who they ended up teaming up with on mutiple occations, and Shimmer, who started off as their tailor.

In their early forties their adopted mother gave them a preposition, to continue living on their own like this or to take in a child in a similar situation to they had.

These days Hitch puts almost all of their energy into raising their son Beacon and learning how to deal with the challenges of raising him


Hitch only adopted Beacon a few years ago and with very little prep beforehand so their relationship, especially in the beginning, was pretty rocky. However Hitch makes a conscious effort to always treat them with the respect and care he deserves.

Mother Xolotl
Mother Xolotl took in hitch at a young age after hitch ran away from their birth family and tried her best to raise them as well as she could. Despite this and the immense admiration Hitch has for her there is quite a lot of disconnect between the two.

Razor is probably Hitch's closest friend the two have known each other for almost 20 years now and are completely in sync on the battlefield. Hitch admires its intensity and willingness to fight even when it seems hopeless.

Starting in their early twenties Shimmer was onboarded as tailor for Hitch during their early brawling career. The two of them quickly developed a playfully antagonistic relationship with each other and due to their proximity to Razor have managed to get closer over the past few decades.

Having known Pad since she was a baby Hitch has always acted as a sort of uncle figure for the kid. They won't lie though, as Padparadscha has gotten older and stronger Hitch has grown to fear his ability and are always on guard when he's around.

Kind of like a secondary father/weird uncle figure, Hitch has always been the main person Thyla feels like he can really confide in considering he's know both of Thyla's parents for the upward of two decades now.

Necroma and Hitch have a rather antagonistic relationship with Necroma knowing exactly knowing exactly which buttons to press to rile them up. Part of this genunie but a lot of the time Hitch will just go along with it for Necroma's sake as well.


Ability Notes

  • N/A

General Notes

  • Has had an interest in weapons and specifcially guns and explosives since they were young
  • despite this all of the weapons they use are NON LEATHAL and instead of bullets use the pulp of an ability nulifying fruit