NAME : Mulberry Ademola
AGE : 43
GENDER : Cis Man? (he/him)
SEXUALITY : Bi Polyamorous
ABILITY : Sanguine-bake danuki traits
HEIGHT : 4'11''
BIRTHDAY : April 11th, 1993

Slow and steady wins the race, Mulberry has always lagged a bit behind his peers. Don't let this make you think he's stupid though as Mulberry has a great degree of emotional intelligence.

An excellent chef Mulberry has always had a desire to cook and provide care for others. This can however mean he sometimes has trouble considering himself when it comes to the care he gives out.

He isn't the best at socializing if only for his relatively dopey looking neutral expression if nothing else. Most people who meet him however are easily charmed by his ways.

As mentioned earlier Mulberry is a decently easy going and laid back kinda guy, so it takes a lot to really push him to being upset. When he does get to this point he can be rather passive aggressive and scalding in his comments.


Born in a small town and living with only a single mother for a most of his earlier years. Mulberry met his best friend and later one of his partners, Ginger, when his was a young kid.

As the two of them grew older Mulberry began to nuture his cooking talent as well as he and Ginger's clowning/comedy act. This went on up until around their early 20's

At that point he and Ginger were recruited somewhat accidentally to be escorts for Remedy, the oldest daughter of the countries ruling family. After traveling with them the three of them ended up dating and eventually settling down together.

These days he runs a bakery and lives with his two partners and their three children, Dawn, Broadcast, and Malaise.


Ginger is Mulberry's childhood best friend and one of his spouses. The two of them occasionally get into disagreements considering their wildly different temperaments but always end up back together.

Despite being the last addition to their trio Mulberry doesn't love his wife any less than Ginger. The two of them often sit in silence together content to be in each other's company.

His oldest daughter and by far the one who he's the closest to. Dawn and Mulberry are both very emotions based and have the smoothest time conveying their needs to one another.

Mulberry and his son have an amicable relationship while they aren't as close nit as him and dawn Mulberry supports his son in his creative endeavors but wishes he'd maybe consider a less... destructive best friend.

Messy is the easiest way to describe these two. Mulberry and her used to be incredibly close when she was younger but over time she's grown more and more resentful of him and he isn't quite sure why. Despite this he still tries to reach out to her and offer support when he can but it's not easy with her.

Used to be on fairly good terms when it and Remedy were dating then had an awkward period during the first few years that Him and Ginger got together with Remedy but are now on relatively good terms again.

These two are bros having met through Razor they had a bit of rough patch of not talking for a while but now hang out on the weekends and get drinks with Ginger and Shimmer.


Ability Notes

  • Despite technically being a bake danuki he does not possess the ability to shapeshift.
  • His jokester like nature was something that existed before gaining his ability but was seemingly amplified by it.
  • Funny enough he actually used to be a few inches taller, but becoming cute and fuzzy comes with a price.

General Notes

  • Is a masterclass chef and baker and has been since he was little.