NAME : Padparadscha Ezani
AGE : 16
GENDER : Genderfluid (he/she)
HEIGHT : 5'6''
BIRTHDAY : August 29th, 2015

Stoic and seemingly immoveable Padparadscha is a laid back and easy going kind of person who doesn't show much emotion or enthusiasm about anything really. At least on a surface level that is.

She is deeply passionate about horticulture having cultivated a small homemade greenhouse. Gardening and flowers are one of the few subjects you can get her to show visible excitement towards.

Due to his relatively unemotive face he's faced a lot of difficulty in the realm of forming social circles outside of his family. He generally finds the whole song and dance of communicating with people "normally" to be exhausting and prefers to be alone.

It takes quite a lot to rile her up due in part to said unemotiveness and laid back attitude but it's definitely not something you wanna push...


Padparadscha had an interesting early childhood. His ability manfested at an extremely early age and was difficult to control even with suppressants. This led to a great degree of alienation and even fear from other children growing up.

She generally doesn't mind this though as at this point she's gotten very used to having just has family and few friends for companionship.

At this point Padparadscha has mostly given up on schooling and is now directing his attention towards learning trade skills and trying to learn in other unconventional ways.

She doesn't really have a concrete plan for where she's going next but it's not something she's too troubled about.


His mother and this person he's probably closest to Razor has been his biggest supporter since day one. Some people may think he's a little old to be so affectionate and open about his love for his mom but he's not really bothered.

Padparadscha is close with his dad relatively speaking and tries to connect with him more but the two of them are very much opposites. Nevertheless Pad loves her father and the two of them enjoy telling each other about their interests.

This one's a doozy Thyla was one of the main people affected by the emergence of Pad's ability and as he was very young when it happened he still has a good deal of anxiety and apprehension around Pad. However they are trying to reconnect again as the two of them get older.

These two are very dangerous to be around mostly because Pad kind of lets his little sister get away with pretty much anything. She finds Necroma genuinely interesting to be around and loves hearing about her morbid hobbies.

Hitch has known Paddy since when he was a baby and has always been a sort of uncle figure to him growing up. He's the one who introduced Pad to weed in order to help the parts of his ability that supressants don't cover as well.

Pad is ok with Beacon. She's glad that Hitch has has someone living with him and that Thyla has found someone he's close with but since Beacon is a relatively new addition to their general group she is a little warry of them.

Curiousity but apprehension characterize the way Padparadscha feels about his paternal grandfather. Shimmer has spoken very little about him to Pad and tries to avoid him as much as possible.


Ability Notes


General Notes

  • Favorite flower is the lotus flower not just because of his name but because he sees them every year in the pond behind his home.
  • He kept his birth name due to the upsetting association he and his loved ones have with his ability.
  • She has a large stash of edibles hidden somewhere in her room as it helps her sleep and she'll often have a few before a potentially stressful event even if she knows she'll look noticibly stoned.