Ask me anything! (within reason)


I apologise if this is a random question but is there any one specific thing Remedy has researched and had a particular connection to? Like a big interest of theirs :D

Iggy! | Feb 12, 2023

No need to apolgize I love getting questions like this! Remedy has a special connection with the study of physical cosmology it really goes back to when they were a kid and their mother would read books about astronomy to her. However even now she's still very interested in the subject. (might add an image here later)

IM SO EXCITED FOR ALL YOUR PROJECTS THEY ALL SEEM SO FUN! Im definately going to keep an eye on them :D

Anonymous | Feb 5, 2023

Ahhhh thank you! I'm so happy that someone else likes what i've got going on here! Here's a reminder that it is 100% allowed and encouraged for you to send asks about my characters/worlds. :]

Glad to hear you've been having fun with game development recently!

Anonymous | Jan 1, 2023

Hey thanks! It's really been interesting for me, I really enjoy making the assets and implimenting them especially. And even though I haven't settled into a workflow that is like incredibly productive I'm having a lot of fun just experimenting.


Anonymous | May 15, 2022

So incredibly true.