NAME : Dawn Ademola
AGE : 15
GENDER : Trans Woman (she/her)
SEXUALITY : Asexual/Aromantic
-Rose Tinted Memories
HEIGHT : 5'7''
BIRTHDAY : February 14th, 2016

An extremely bubbly and friendly young girl if you didn't know any better you'd probably assume Dawn was a fairly popular kid. However spending time with her reveals she has some issues in the realms of codependency that tend to push others away.

Highly rejection sensitive, Dawn has trouble dealing with the slightest action against her and finds it hard to manage stable relationships outside her family.

She has a passion for helping people and making sure they're ok. Dawn cares a lot about those close to her and her ability is kind of a manifestation of that.

Prefering to stay close to her loved ones Dawn doesn't really have much for dreams of her own as she prefers stability over almost all else.


Dawn has had a relatively turbulent life not because of anything at home but because no matter where she went to school when she was younger she found herself at the end of ridicule.

Due to this her ability manifested as a way to help her cope with her surroundings. Now she attempts to help people who are in similar situations but isn't good at realizing her way isn't always the best way.

These days she's homeschooled and helping her parents around the house, especially Mulberry with his bakery on the bottom floor.

She doesn't really know what she's doing at this point but is trying to enjoy what things do bring her joy.


Dawn's mother, the two of them are very close but since Remedy has gone back to working more and more over the past few years their bond has started to wane. She of course would never tell her mom she feels this way.

Her biological father, Ginger is probably the parent she spends the most time with out of the three. Since he's the only one without an actual job he ends up taking her places and helping her with her chores.

Mulberry is her adoptive father but going off how emotions based the two of them are you sure wouldn't think so. He has instilled a great deal of compassion in Dawn since she was very little. Nowadays she helps him around his bakery (not cooking though) and the two of the enjoy each other's company immensely.

BC and Dawn have an interesting relationship with each other. Being a creative who specicializes in poetry and song lyrics Dawn is always trying to get them to share their work with her and others much to their chargin.

Dawn wants to be closer and she WANTS to help Malaise! But Malaise of course is getting more and more agitated with Dawn's attempts and retreating even further into her studies.

Her oldest and closest friend, Dawn and Padparadscha have known each other since they were little kids. Acting as her grounding rock, Dawn admires him for his present thinking and more laid back attitude.

Razor is like a second mother to her the two of them connect deeply and and Razor seems to always be able to get Dawn out of her own head. Its direct and matter of fact way of speaking is something that Dawn wishes to emulate.


Ability Notes

  • Can send anyone (including herself) into a short timeloop of their happiest memories.
  • The version of the memories isn't always 100% accurate and is often an idealized version of them.
  • She often does this when she's stressed as a way of centering herself for maybe a bit too long...
  • It's hypothetically possible for her to make an inverse memory loop where it highlights someone's worst moments and exagerates them, but she hasn't dared to try it.

General Notes

  • Dawn wishes to work in therapy when she gets older and is facinated with psychology of people's minds.
  • She has few friends outside her family and Padparadscha but is trying very hard to change this.