Magical Dragon Girls

Dragon of Frost

  • Name: Nieves Castillo
  • Alias: Dragon of Frost
  • Theme colors: Blue + Pink
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Gender: Cis Female
  • Sexuality: heterosexual?
  • Age: 15
  • Role: physical attacker/sweeper
  • Hobbies: Likes sports or extracurriculars the most but will take anything that has some kind of competitive nature to it

For as long as anyone can remember Nieves has been a complete and utter meanace. It's only within the past year with her being held back a grade has the Bellows Bluff middle school started to see her falter. Without her old posse of friends she's been reduced to having to socialize with her underclassmen. Since coming into contact with her dragon shard she has had to put up with two of them in order to keep the awesome power it unleashes.

  • Akili: Used to view her as kind of a pushover and not anyone who was too interesting. In getting to know her however she's seen Akili begin to open up and has had her assumptions about the kind of person she is proved wrong.
  • Pen: were childhood best friends but began to drift apart as their personalities began to diverge and clash with one another. Pen is now kind of afraid of her and Nieves has to work to regain that trust.
  • Kumiko: Viewing her at first as a no nonsense teacher figure Nieves has been pleasently surprised by how similar her and Kumiko are to each other. However them being so similar leads into an issue of their stubborn and hotheadness being at odds with each other.

  • Has frost breath (duh)
  • While her frost breath is her main atribute she actually prefers hand to hand combat
  • likes using chunks of ice as weapons as well it's resourceful!
  • Favorite color is pink and despite what a lot of people assume about her she is fairly feminine