Magical Dragon Girls

Dragon of Light

  • Name: Pen (Penny) Nilsson
  • Alias: Dragon of Light
  • Theme colors: Yellow + Purple
  • Pronouns: She/Her?
  • Gender: transmasc egg won't realize it for a few more years though
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Age: 14
  • Role: glass canon special attacker
  • Hobbies: Writing as well as art though good luck getting her to show you any of it finds it hard to focus in school at all and has poor grades despite being a huge nerd

Pen (she'd prefer if you didn't call her Penny) has had a rough time growing up. Not because of her home life but more because she is somewhat of a social outcast. Always struggling to make friends and understanding social cues, Pen is suddenly thrust into comradery through a shard that can transform her into a dragon. Now with her new friends she'll help defend her hometown and maybe form the bonds she's always wanted.

  • Kumiko: Is currently being mentored by her; Pen finds her odd and a bit too abrassive at times. Despite this she values her experience and her knowledge about all things magical.
  • Akili: Get along very well considering their similar temperments. Both still have trouble navigating a more than surface level friendship but have grown to care deeply about each other.
  • Nieves: Initially Pen's best friend when they were younger Nieves' and her are trying to reconnect and form a new stronger friendship after everything that's happened.

  • Can "breathe" beams of concentrated light
  • Is able to send out a blast of light to stun foes
  • Flashlight eyes.
  • Is autistic as hell(this is a compliment)