NAME : Malaise Ademola
AGE : 14
GENDER : Transfem (she/it)
SEXUALITY : Bisexual(?)
ABILITY : Sanguine-tanuki traits
HEIGHT : 4'9''
BIRTHDAY : April 1st, 2020

Mal doesn't like people, simply put. She's definitely not the kind of girl to cover that aspect up. Generally she prefers to have her nose stuck in a book that she probably shouldn't have access to or doing dubiously ethical magic alone in her room.

Despite all this you'd probably assume that Malaise couldn't care less about what people think of her but this couldn't be further than the truth. Malaise is motivated by the approval of those she deems worthy and will work herself to unhealthy extremes trying to meet those expectations.

Easily irritable Malaise often finds itself losing its temper more often than not towards her family members if solely because she knows she can't get rid of them at this point.

Around those it actually respects it becomes almost a completely different person. Becoming almost a doormat Malaise will stretch herself thin trying to keep herself "presentable" for those she deems important enough.


Due to her older sister's (and later her own) experiences with bullies Mal and her sibling BC were put into homeschooling during middle school and have primarily been taught by their parents.

Her ability manifested particularlly early (around 12ish) and lead to a lot of ostracization from her peers mostly from upper crusts who deemed its ability a sign of her commoner blood.

Since then she's retreated into herself and her studies trying to find any way possible to change herself. She takes ability suppressants somewhat frequently in order to "cover up" her sanguine traits.

Most of these days she's been holed up in her room or trying to nab some of her mom's more classified books and documents for an unknown purpose.


Its biological father, probably the parent she holds the most ire for Mulberry embodies almost everything she's been made to hate about herself and this makes their interactions fraught with conflict. Deep down she still loves him and feels bad for what she says to him but it's under many layers of repression.

Very complex to say the least, Remedy is by far the parent Malaise has the most respect for but she can't fathom why her mother would give up everything for her fathers. She tries to gather as much useful info as she can from them but it's difficult when Mal refuses to see any value in half the things its mother says.

Her relationship with him is interesting, he's definitely not the worst but he's not like incredible either in her eyes. Still goofy and embarassing but more bearable than Mulberry. He's got a bit more self respect than Mulberry does and actually cares about his reputation.

BC is Malaise's older twin sibling and one of the few people Mal feels comfortable being herself with. The two of them share a room together though BC isn't usually there due to wanting give Mal it's alone time and because they're usually spending time with Amplitude which she isn't that big a fan of.

Malaise cannot STAND her older sister constantly bothering her and trying to meddle with her. She thinks her sister is way too codependent and needs to get off her back. The two of them are constantly butting heads and Mal is always the one who ends up blowing up at her sister.

Amplitude pisses Mal off to an absurd degree, most people piss Mal off but Amp just asbolutely takes that up to eleven. Constantly antagonizing each other and doing things to piss each other off.

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Ability Notes

  • Her tanuki traits are somewhat different from her biological father's, as while his takes inspiration from the bake-danuki yokai, her's is more influenced by the actual animal
  • Yes this makes her a dog girl.
  • Get's a significantly fluffier coat in the winter which makes covering her fur much more difficult.

General Notes

  • Wants to go into a spacetime related feild like her mom but worries she's unable to due to her own natural ability.