NAME : Razor Ezani
AGE : 45
GENDER : Butch (She/It)
SEXUALITY : Bisexual
ABILITY : Sanguine-sabertooth tiger traits
HEIGHT : 5'3''
BIRTHDAY : September 11th, 1991

Don't let the sharp fangs and claws fool you, Razor is a nurturing mother and has a impressive amount of emotional intelegence for someone who bites people to blow off steam.

She's not someone who lets her emotions sit and build up and instead opts to let people know quite clearly (and loudly) when they piss her off.

Razor has long had a passion for physical activities and competing in battles even before she got the cat parts. However since gaining her ability she's had much stronger urges to lay in sunbeams and knock glasses of tables.

Becomming a mother has definitely mellowed her out but it remains someone with a very strong sense of willpower and determination.


Razor has been a fighter her whole life. even before the claws and fangs emerged she was often getting into scraps and testing her physical limits.

Upon her ability forming she took it upon herself to enter into the local battling circut and rapidly climbed through the ranks.

Wherin she ended up by chance meeting Hitch, who would become a battle partner, and Remedy, who she would date for a few years before having a devestating falling out with.

During this period she would hook up with her childhood friend and lover(?) Shimmer. The two now have a dysfunctional but loving family together with their kids: Padparadscha, Thyla, and Necroma.


Hard to describe would be an understatement. These two have gone through hell together and have a bond that is much more complex than romantic love, but there is of course love. Staying with her during one of the hardest periods of her life and seeing the worst of her, Razor feels almost indebted to him for all he's done for her.

Its first child. Razor still sees her as its precious little kit even though he's about a foot taller than her now. But Pad doesn't mind, in fact he appreciates that she cares so much. The two of them are as close knit as mother and child can get.

Thyla is Razor and Shimmer's second child and probably the one it has the most trouble connecting to. Razor has a lot of trouble with understanding issues related to Thyla's anxiety around people and battling. (especially since he's really good at the latter!)

She has a strange relationship with her youngest daughter, Necroma. Facinated with nature just like her mother is, but in a much stranger way in comparison. Unlike Razor she also tends to hide her actual emotions behind a facade of passive aggressive comments.

Razor's second longest friend Hitch has stuck around with her since they were in their early 20's and both at the peak of their battling careers. Now they tend to just catch up when Hitch decides to pay it and Shimmer a visit to let their kids hang out.

Going on 15 years now and Razor very much still hasn't gotten over her sweetheart Remedy. The two of them met when they were in their early 20's at a battle match and hit it off at the time. Razor still isn't sure what she did wrong.

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Ability Notes

  • Has cat like behaviours in addition to her saber toothed cat traits, yes she can get high on catnip
  • HOWEVER she is still genetically considered human so didn't need to take an ability supressents when she was carrying her kids.
  • Her bite force is much stronger than that of an average human's and her skin (especially the parts covered in fur) are much more durable than the averge person's

General Notes

  • Used to carry her kids around by the back of their shirts.
  • All of her scars are from battling except the one on her lip.