NAME : Remedy Ademola
AGE : 43
GENDER : Nonbinary Woman (She/They)
SEXUALITY : Bi Polyamorous
ABILITY : Melancholic-spacetime corruption healing
HEIGHT : 6'5''
BIRTHDAY : October 13th, 1993

Remedy has been called many things; a researcher, a holy figure, a mother. No matter how old she gets however she always ends up stuck inside her own head.

Armed with an insatiable desire to learn about practically everything Remedy often tears through books at a rapid pace when she gets the time.

However it isn't often she gets said time as she works most days at the Facility Of Spacetime Corruption.(FOSC) In addition to her role as a the very involved mother of three.

She wouldn't have it any other way though having a busy life has been a constant for her and she, like a shark perhaps, needs to constantly keep moving.


Born the heiress to her country's largest and most influential family within The Church of the Holy Aster. Remedy had a lavash yet lonely upbringing her parents strictly regualating her exposure to the common folk.

This was of course until her pilgrimage which was done in order to awaken the powers of the universe her family desperately hoped were just dormant.

During this religous journey of hers she came into contact with her two escorts, Mulberry and Ginger, who she would go on to marry after awakening her abilities. But not before completely rejecting her esteemed title and role within her family's religious court.

A few years after this Remedy and her husbands would have their first child, Dawn, with Broadcast and Maliase 5 years later.


One of her husbands, loves him dearly and supports his cooking endeavors wholeheartedly even if she can't do it herself. Occationally gets frustrated at his rather slow processing speed but it's never been a huge issue.

Her other husband, her and him butt heads a bit more due to their more stubborn personalities. But she loves him just as much as she loves Mulberry. The three of them are a trio.

Dawn is Remedy's oldest daughter and the two of them have always been extremely close Rem sees a lot of her own youthful optimism in her even if she thinks she's a little bit too high energy for her sometimes.

Probably spends the most time with them out of all her kids just because he's not as busy as Dawn and not as reclussive as Malaise. He's selectively mute but occationally speaks to her and the rest of his family when he's exceedingly comfortable.

Tense. Malaise has trouble understanding why Remedy would give up her previous life to live with her dads and resents her for that. Remedy still tries to reach out and connect with her in spite of this however, with mixed success.

Where to even begin with this. Well for one they dated when they were younger and had a pretty bad falling out. Remedy is still trying to make amends but she can tell Razor still has feelings for her.

Interesting to say the least, Shimmer and Remedy only really know each other through Razor which makes things a little awkward but they have similar interests and Remedy would like to connect with him more


Ability Notes

  • Can heal corrupted spacetime, which is spacetime that has had errors in it's 3D or 4D space, think of it like mt everest being in new york city or george washington being the current president kinda thing
  • Can't heal normal injuries like cuts or posion
  • This makes her extremely coveted by the religious organization her parents are a part of, The Church of the Holy Aster

General Notes

  • Is a huge nerd and will research anything she finds mildly interesting for days.