NAME : Shimmer Kazmi
AGE : 45
GENDER : Nonbinary (he/they/she)
SEXUALITY : Bisexual
ABILITY : Phlegmatic-Beauty View
HEIGHT : 5'11''
BIRTHDAY : July 4th, 1991

Shimmer is all about keeping up appearances and rapport with people. Some may call him a little two faced, but he prefers to see it as adaptablity, being able to take to what ever the situation he's in needs.

Highly preceptive of people's thoughts and feelings Shimmer has somewhat of a silver tongue. Seemingly knowing exactly what people want to hear can get you far it's certainly paid off for them.

This does however have a draw back in that Shimmer has a hard time lowering these facades and they tend to affect how he views himself. Identity issues abound! Shimmer has trouble discerning what his actual personality is if he has one at all.

What actually is there under layers of masks and being what others want is a strong willed and passionate person and a loving father, even if he isn't there as much as she'd like to be...


Raised by world famous competitive battler, Brute Kazmi, Shimmer was raised from birth to fight. Only problem is he hates the sport and after finally getting away from his father he wasn't quite sure what to do.

His ability maifested later than most at around 19 and found it did nothing but assist his budding acting career and catapulted him into stardom. Which was good and bad for him.

At the hight of his popularity he and his childhood best friend Razor had their first child, Padparadscha, together. They and Razor had initally decided to keep the keep their kids a secret from the public to help save Shimmer's reputation.

This only lasted a few years as Shimmer began to distance himself from the limelight more and more to be with his family. These days he works the odd gig here and there but mostly stays at home.


Where to even begin with these two, Razor is Shimmer's childhood best friend and current life partner. The two of them have gone through the worst years of their lives together and Shimmer feels they can trust her with anything. The two of them butt heads a lot but there's an undercurrent of love and appreciation.

Padpardscha is Shimmer and Razor's oldest child While the two of them are decently close. Shimmer wants to get closer to her but the two of them are very much opposites, not in interests but rather manerisms.

A lot more sympathetic to Thyla's anxiety issues than Razor is. Shimmer does everything in their power to help Thyla break out of his shell with admittedly mixed results. Sometimes they wish that Thyla had someone more similar to them to help them grow up.

Has sort of the opposite relationship with Necroma that they do with Pad. While the two of them have similar dispositions their interests are quite polar opposites. Despite this he tries to be supportive of her aspirations and attempts to help her when he can.

Shimmer and Hitch have an interesting relationship. Having met him through Razor in his earlier 20's the two of them will often playfully antagonize each other in an almost flirtatious way. Though Shimmer wouldn't admit it he maybe has a little bit of a crush on him.

The two of them have common interests and used to be fairly close but after the fallout of Razor and Remedy's relationship things got a bit awkward. He wants to reconnect and form a deeper friendship with her but it's difficult.

He is no longer on speaking terms with his father.


Ability Notes

  • Alters people's perception of them so that she appears in their vision as the most attractive person to them.
  • Doesn't have to be a lustful sort of attractive and can just be an aesthetic meaning of "attractive"
  • Is incredibly subjective and will rarely ever look the same to two people.
  • The change doesn't affect her physical form or capabilities, just what people think they're seeing.
  • Couldn't turn this ability off initially and this used to cause him a great deal of stress.

General Notes

  • Has taken up sewing and costume design in his spare time and is a decently good traditional artist.
  • Was a hardcore theater kid if that wasn't obvious enough.