Magical Dragon Girls

Dragon of Thunder

  • Name: Kumiko Kujo
  • Alias: Dragon of Thunder
  • Theme colors: Pink + Purple
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Gender: Butch
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Age: late 40s early 50s
  • Role: mentor physical attacker
  • Hobbies: Enjoys and has tried a little bit of everything jack of all trades master of none but now prefers jogging and other athletics

Kumiko has seen quite a lot in her life as a dragon girl, er well woman now, but has been doing this whole song and dance since she was around 14. She prefered to work alone for the longest time but her aging and the emergence of new threats has forced her to take on a team of plucky middle schoolers to train as successors. She doesn't like talking about her old teammates however and insists she doesn't have any. This convinces no one.

  • Akili: Very protective of her(though this can apply to all of them) and gets along with her the best out of the bunch. Sees so much potential in her and knows she's going to do incredible things. Both are logically driven more so than the other two and tend to agree on things generally, Kumiko's impulsivity can sometimes affect this though.
  • Pen: Is utterly perplexed by the little ball of anxiety. Attempts to help her but has trouble/gets frustrated at her misunderstandings of social cues sometimes. Still cares a lot for her and wants to help her the best she can whether that's school or fighting monsters
  • Nieves: Initially viewing her as a bratty troublemaker Kumiko has warmed up to her significantly and as Nieves is probably the most like her in terms of personality. This is a double edged sword as they tend to butt heads quite often and are two stubborn to allow the other to be right.

  • Can "breathe" blasts of electricity
  • Is a physical attacker often using her claws, horns, and teeth in combat
  • Infuses these physical attacks with electricity for a more impactful punch
  • has one daughter named gin who she's quite close to (but i haven't really developed her yet shhhh)