About Me



I'm Nova/Jude (he/they) and I've been creating art practically nonstop from the tender age of 14. While what most of what I do is standard digital illustrations and occational animations I have also been dabbling in game production. I am currently an college art school student and am working on honing my skills so i can draw more funky guys for myself and others.


The short answer is simply that I initially wanted a personal website to host my artwork. The long answer is that I've been becoming more and more discontent with the way social media has been shifting in the past years. My breaking point was instagram showing sponsered or suggested content literally every other post. Since then I've been trying to move away from most social media and more towards my own place on the internet. At this point the only social media site I use regularly is tumblr and I've discussed before how tumblr is markedly different from other social medias.

What's with the goats?

The three goats that you see across this site are my three fursonas; Alcor, The Chunch, and Papaya who each represent different facets of myself and I just generally think they're quite neat. I've always loved goats as most of you can probably tell and each of them are to some degree based off of fictional characters which I share a lot in common with. Though over time each of them have gradually broken off of their original influences.